Butler & Co design, build and restore unique, beautiful wooden boats on the shores of Old Mill Creek, Dartmouth, Devon.

Ashley Butler’s life time passion for tradtional working sail of the British Isles and classic yachts from the turn of the last century is the inspiration for his latest series of yachts - The Mayflower Class.


The Mayflower Class design is one of powerful ergonomics, with form and function reminisant of the historic working craft from the Industrial Revolution era.  The hull design naturally suits the shape of limbs of the fine English Oaks, shaped for speed, seaworthiness and simplicity.  What sets the Mayflower Class apart, however, is Ashley's attention to classic yacht splendour of form, authenticity and regard for materials used, beauty of canvas under sail, and the  authentic joinery reminisant of the Art and Crafts movement with the balance of art and nature. 

At Old Mill Boatyard, Butler & Co also specialise in the recreation and restoration of vessels from our colourful maritime heritage.Traditional working vessels and classic yachts are transformed to their former beauty as artworks and memorials of living history.  

The Mayflower Class presents the opportunity to have a new wooden yacht hand crafted to the exceptionally high standards prevalent in the early 20th Century. Butler & Co are designing and building new classic yachts for the future - if the water was a gallery these would be the art.

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  Lyra - 34ft Mayflower Class                                                                        




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