Sally B

The Sally B was designed and built as close to a Thames Bawley as I knew how. She was designed by building a " batten and mould" half model. I laid her keel in Martha's Vineyard on New Years Eve at the end of 2001. She was built largely by eye with measurements scaled up from the half model. She took 8 months part time to launch. I then stopped work on her for an 8 month trip to the West Indies aboard Ziska where I worked on the 115' schooner Mariett. I was able to save enough money to pay for some of the rigging. Thankfully Ziska was sold in June 2002 and by August the Sally B was fully commissioned. Sally B has sailed over 6000 miles in her first year, won 5 and taken 2 seconds out of 11 races. She has mostly been cruised single-handed and is self-steered by balancing her yawl rig. Sally B is now lying in her home port of to install an engine and head off on her, as his permenant home, on adventures in late 2006.

Lucie B and Sally B are moored at Hollowshore, Faversham Creek, Kent.

L.O.A. 32 ft
L.W.L. 30 ft
Beam 12 ft
Draft 5 ft
Displacement 12 tons
Sail Area 1000 sq ft
Commissioned August 2003
Laying Faversham Creek, UK
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